'Brand Nerd' | Consultant | Speaker | Blogger


As a self-confessed brand nerd, I established BrandBright in 2011 in order to channel my passion for the world of branding. I specialise in developing bespoke brand strategies for individuals, businesses and non-profit organisations. I take a hands-on approach to brand strategy and believe whole-heartedly in the value that a strong strategic foundation can add to any organisation.
In order for my thinking to remain relevant and up to date, I read extensively, blog and engage on key social media channels. I am also an Independent Contractor lecturing at Vega, The Brand Leadership School, which ensures knowledge of contemporary brand strategy tools, models and practices. This informs my approach to my client work and enables relevance in the ever-changing marketplace. In addition to my lecturing I sit on the Vega Durban Advisory Council.
My consultancy takes me around South Africa and I undertake many brand related activities. I speak at brand and business conferences, conduct and facilitate brand strategy and social media workshops, and consult on individual projects in many and varied fields.
I believe that one’s brand is one’s greatest asset and that every action, engagement and communication with one’s consumer is either building or eroding how the brand is perceived. My job is to facilitate the building of brands that are relevant, authentic and successful.

BrandBright is a strategic brand consultancy specialising in tailored brand strategy, workshops, and public speaking.


5 Elizabeth Avenue, Kloof, Durban, KZN