Tailored to fit your requirements, I develop brand strategies that encompass a holistic and comprehensive approach to the building and marketing of your brand. All recommendations are substantiated with thorough research and an understanding of contemporary industry trends.

Key elements may include:

  • Brand and market research
  • Brand identity formation
  • Target market analysis
  • Core & extended identity development
  • Brand positioning (to guide communication and differentiate your brand)
  • Value proposition development / identification
  • Brand communication recommendations
  • Personality traits & story identification

Over the recommended course of 6 – 12 months, I offer either a standard or comprehensive consulting package. This includes (depending on the consulting package) a series of one and a half hour, in-person consulting sessions. Research and strategy are at the heart of the offering, and the goal is to facilitate brand learning and involvement in the development of a sound brand strategy. The standard consulting package offers a lighter approach to research, while the comprehensive packages incorporate more consumer insight and primary research.

Each session, per month, can be geared to a specific focus point, or can be used as an opportunity to discuss brand needs as and when they arise. These sessions can also be used as a monitoring and implementation service for a strategy outlined in a Brand Project. The advantage of a consulting contract, is that I become deeply entrenched in every aspect of your brand, and can facilitate the development and progress of a comprehensive brand strategy.

Let me know your brand requirements and desired objectives, and I will recommend the appropriate brand consulting contract for you and your business.

These strategy and branding workshops can be customised to meet your specific brand and business requirements. These sessions invite discussion, debate, and ideation, and assist in creating brand awareness and internal brand building capabilities. The content of the workshop draws on local and global case studies. Popular areas of focus include personal brand building and current media and branding trends. Workshops should have a maximum of 8-10 attendees to ensure an intimate engagement. Workshops for larger teams can be accommodated and will have a slightly different structure to ensure maximum value.

Whether you need a talk on the power of branding, consumer trends or social media, I present current thinking on the brand and marketing landscape.

Popular topics include:

  • Are You Projecting The Brand You Think You Are?
  • Branding 101
  • Building Your Brand Through Social Media
  • Building a Formidable Brand
  • The Brand ToolKit
  • Personal Branding
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