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Hi, I’m Simon. I’m the founder of BRANDBRIGHT, a brand development and marketing consultancy based in Durban, South Africa. With a passion for helping people and businesses stand out in the market, I focus on building an understanding of target markets, crafting brand identities and messaging, and the effective utilisation of marketing channels to build brands.

Consulting to brands and individuals locally and globally means that I have a finger on the pulse of the latest branding trends and practices.

In a rapidly changing marketplace, you need a well-researched and crafted strategy to help your brand shine brightly.



  • Speaking at Marketing Masters

    Moving your brand into a new category, product, or service can be a great way to generate new revenue for your business. The success (or failure) of any brand extension, is hinged on its ability to fit within your brand’s architecture and its ability to successfully leverage your brand’s equity.  In my talk, at the

    November 25, 2019
  • 10 lessons to improve your public speaking

    I really subscribe to Malcolm Gladwell’s 10 000-hour rule that if you dedicate the time, you can master your subject. The same goes for presenting. In my line of work, I am constantly presenting whether it be to a client or at an industry talk on branding. As I continue on my path to mastering

    October 22, 2019
  • Moleskine’s Brand Extension

    While visiting my favourite bookstore, Exclusive Books, I saw that Moleskine, a company known for its high-end journals and notepads, had brought out a pen range. Personally, I think it’s a great extension as it’s so in keeping with its core product. Brand extensions are a delicate art. They need to leverage off the base

    August 4, 2019
  • The importance of packaging design

    In my view, packaging forms a critical touchpoint in the customer decision-making process. There’s a reason local brands such as Skin Creamery and The Duchess, a non-alcoholic gin & tonic, invest in their packaging. These brands understand that packaging serves as a key element in the brand experience. To assist your brand, I have outlined

    August 1, 2019