Experience = Brand

Recently I needed to obtain a copy of my tax certificate for my Retirement Annuity from my financial services, PPS. 

I contacted the call centre, via their website, hoping to arrange for said certificate to be emailed to me. Within seconds of calling through an automated voice presented a series of options. Having selected an option, I was able to speak to a consultant. 

I received such helpful and swift service that by the time I had ended my call, an email was already in my inbox. I was impressed. 

Subsequently, I received a customer feedback survey. Given the impressive service, I was more than willing to assist. As you can imagine, I gave very positive feedback. 

Based on my favourable experience I thought I would outline questions for you to think about: 

1.1 As I stress in my posts, map out the pain and pleasure points of the customer experience. To do this successfully, you will need to conduct research.

1.2. Identify what the consumer likes and dislikes about engaging with your brand;

1.3. Ask for suggestions, consumers want to be heard. Critically acknowledge where their feedback lies;

2. Tied to my above point, conduct research to understand how your customer may engage with you (Call Centre, website, Facebook page, sales rep. etc) and consider using a survey for instance to garner feedback.

Which brands in your experience have offered impressive service? 

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