Launching Servo Laundry Services App

Servo is a start-up laundry app service that takes the hack out of doing your own washing and ironing. It’s been so rewarding being involved in a strategic capacity from concept to fruition.

From my side, there are several folks that I need to be mentioned in making this happen:

  • Dane Harris, founder and visionary behind the app;
  • Darren Strydom of appstage., the brains behind the app development;
  • Jean-Paul Brouard who developed the amazing visual identity and spearheaded the creative, and Milly Brouard, the resident wordsmith of Assembly Studio.
  • And the talented Lauren Mitchell and Micayla Dinkelman of Express Marketing on the social media management front.

Currently, we are embarking on a soft launch and serving the Glen Anil/ Durban North and surrounding areas.

The app can be downloaded on both the Google Store and App Store.


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