The Importance of Client-Brand Alignment

I can’t stress this point enough – work with people, brands, organizations that share the same values as you. This creates a way more open and honest relationship, and enables both parties to speak their mind and voice their opinions freely.

An added benefit is that when you’re on the ‘same page’ at the outset, the expected deliverables are more likely to be aligned. In order to know when there fit is good, it’s important to have a clearly defined set of values and objectives. You need to know the type of people you enjoy working with, and the type of people you don’t. It’s imperative that you define the type of work you want to take on, and to have a view of how you want to grow your brand and business.

Being a little bit more discerning will ultimately lead you to feel a lot more confident in the work you’re doing and will contribute to a more fulfilling career and life.