The importance of packaging design

In my view, packaging forms a critical touchpoint in the customer decision-making process. There’s a reason local brands such as Skin Creamery and The Duchess, a non-alcoholic gin & tonic, invest in their packaging. These brands understand that packaging serves as a key element in the brand experience.

To assist your brand, I have outlined some key points to consider below:

1. Have you considered your packaging from a consumer’s perspective?

2. As I have mentioned in a number of my posts, map out the customer journey. What are the pain and pleasure points of your customer’s experience(s) with you?

3. Does your brand’s packaging stand out in a blur of product choice? Consider studying competitors to ensure your visual identity (colour palette, typeface etc.) are distinct.

4. Is there a consistent visual thread across all your marketing communications to your intended consumer?

5. Do the materials utilised to communicate the intended value of your offering. i.e. promise, price point and/or quality?

6. Does your packaging embody your brand’s identity (what you stand for, personality)?

7. If your packaging is end-user focused, where is your product placed on shelf (below, above or eye level)? This will impact what you will pay, may affect brand exposure and impact sales.

In summary, packaging is a vehicle of value. Consider what you stand for, what you want to communicate and ensure this follows through to packaging and all other branded elements.

Image Source: The Duchess Facebook Page

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