Why spray and pray marketing doesn’t work

In order to yield successful marketing efforts, the need for segmented targeting cannot be stressed enough. The view that marketing to everyone and everywhere sounds ideal in theory. Cast your net wide and therefore catch more fish. A great idea but in practice is flawed.

The reality is that we are competing against a number of variables:

1. Limited consumer attention spans;

2. Consumers’ inherent distrust of brands;

3. Brand’s finite marketing budget;

4. The plethora of channels available.

My recommendation is consider refining your target market. Think about segmenting your audience so that consumers are aligned with your offering.

The benefits include:

1. Targeted and relevant consumer;

2. Tailored messaging;

3. Higher ROI (Return on Investment).

Again, it boils down to the basics. Know your consumer, ensure your offering delivers on their needs and market to them using the right blend of channel(s). Your marketing efforts are more likely to be effective.